Mt. Sinai Poster - "The Oasis of Elim" (24x36)

By Andrew Jones


After the Israelites had crossed the Red Sea they journeyed into the Land of Midian, a mountainous wilderness where water was scarce. Moses led the Israelites to key oases in the region including one with 12 wells of water and 70 palm trees. 

Curiously, this region is home to an oasis called Wadi Tayyib Al Ism that includes exactly 12 wells and groves of palm trees scattered throughout the valley — an exact match to the description of Elim in the Bible.

On one of our trips into this area we met some local Saudis who were harvesting the wild date palm trees. They offered some of the ripest sweetest dates we have ever tasted!



Sinai researcher Andrew Jones graciously provided all of the photos for this year’s calendar — and now you can get any image in a 24x36 poster size!

These beautiful images of the real Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia were shot by Andrew Jones and his team in higher definition than ever possible before, and some reveal areas never captured on film!

Andrew Jones has been a passionate advocate of the real Mt. Sinai since in 1991 and has collaborated with the late Ron Wyatt on Noah’s Ark and other biblical archaeological sites. He is respected by Saudi locals and royalty alike and is a recognized leader in the next generation of archaeological truth seekers.