The Pagan-Christian Connection Exposed

By Michael Rood


Michael Rood invites you to "leave your western gentile mentality behind" as you explore the Scriptures from a Hebrew perspective in: The Pagan-Christian Connection Exposed.

What can a Jewish theologian teach a Christian about Christianity? Plenty! Michael proves the Creator's power with hold-in-your-hand evidence. He explodes many long held Christian traditions that were fabricated in Nimrod’s Babylon and adapted by the Emperor Constantine. He uses the Bible to lead us back to irrefutable truths from the Word of the Almighty. Little wonder that many refer to his message as A Rood Awakening! This is a great overview in print of some of Michael's most important and foundational teachings.

The Pagan-Christian Connection Exposed is two books and two A Rood Awakening! episodes in one powerful package. "Sodom and Gomorrah Revisited" and "Truth Vs. Tradition: The Heavyweight Battle of the Ages." Book chapters include: Willful Ignorance, Learning to Tell Time Biblically, Coming Out of Babylon, Patronizing Pagan Parties, and Synchronizing Your Babylonian Timepieces.

The second book in the Hebrew Roots messianic teaching series from Israel

Paperback. 122 pages.