Great Kudu Shofar (LARGE: 34" to 37")

Great Kudu Shofar (LARGE: 34" to 37")

$264.95 USD

The Great Kudu of Africa is the source of this fine instrument. This breed of antelope has magnificent horns that are turned into worship instruments in the Negev. Due to strict manufacturing standards, all of our horns, regardless of length, produce wonderful tones and you will get at least three notes from each horn and up to seven notes with practice. The unique sound of the Great Kudu horn is unforgettable!

These beautiful instruments are made in Israel by Believers. Crafted to the highest standard, the finish on these shofars is half polished and half natural for a unique look. The inside of each shofar is cleaned and sealed and the sound is clear.

PLEASE NOTE: Each shofar is unique. Colors may or may not resemble the photo.

Size (measured along the outside curve):

  • LARGE - 34" to 37"