Feb 2020 Love Gift Collection: "Together For Good"

By A Rood Awakening! International


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We may think that, since we make mistakes, the Almighty cannot use us. In fact, the opposite is true.

Together For Good by Michael Rood reminds us that even with the Apostle Paul’s questionable past, he still accomplished amazing things for the Almighty — and you can, too.


With a love gift donation of $100 or more, we’ll send you Together For Good, plus a pendant necklace and miniature scroll with a verse from the book of Esther, a solid pewter keychain in the shape of Israel, and a second keychain with anointing oil.- OR – 

CLICK HERE to give $300 or more to receive everything above PLUS the book of Esther in English and Hebrew on a scroll concealed in an elegant wooden case.

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This Love Gift is available through February 29, 2020 or while supplies last. Limited quantities available.