Recurring Love Gift Option - TEACHING & GIFT

Recurring Love Gift Option - TEACHING & GIFT

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Not one book of the Bible was written by Greeks — they were all written by Hebrews. So why do we accept that the best and most accurate translations of the New Testament come from the Greek? Good question.

In “The Best Translation,” Dr. Miles Jones and Patrick McGuire reveal a fascinating, new methodology to create the most accurate translation of The Book of the Revelation ever produced.

With the help of volunteers from more than a hundred countries who devoted millions of man-hours poring over four ancient Hebrew manuscripts of The Book of the Revelation, we now have the most exciting and surprising biblical translation in a generation!


With a love gift donation of $100 or more, we’ll send you The Best Translation plus a Rose of Sharon gift set featuring a vial of anointing oil and a beautiful crystal bottle.

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