March 2023 Love Gift Collection: "Dealing With Darkness"

March 2023 Love Gift Collection: "Dealing With Darkness"

$100.00 USD

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In Matthew’s account of the Gospel, Yeshua says that we are the light of the world — but in some parts of the world, the darkness we are to expose is more intense than we can imagine. 

Sharing experiences about his work to bring the Torah to Native American people here at home and to enslaved young women in the darkest reaches of India and Pakistan, Rodney Thompson brings a wake-up call to apathetic believers. 

Rodney’s personal story of faith will encourage and empower you to stoke the flame of your faith to meet the darkness of this world head-on with the “light of life” (John 8:12).


With a love gift donation of $100 or more, we’ll send you Dealing With Darkness plus an olive wood mezuzah from Israel, featuring the Shema in Hebrew and English, inscribed on the wood and written on a scroll inside.

- OR – 

CLICK HERE to give $300 or more to receive:

  • Dealing With Darkness exclusive teaching with Rodney Thompson
  • Olive wood mezuzah featuring the Shema in Hebrew and English
  • 10-inch decorative butterfly bowl with vibrant, hand-painted artwork by artists in Israel

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              This Love Gift is available through March 31, 2023
               or while supplies last. Limited quantities available.