The Mikveh

The Mikveh

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The tenth title in the Hebrew Roots DVD teaching series from Israel.

The writer of "The Epistle to the Messianic Hebrews" challenges the believers to leave behind the foundational principles of faith in Messiah, and to press on to maturity. Once the foundations of the faith have been laid firmly and the "milk" of the word has strengthened us, it is time for some real meat. One of the foundations of faith listed in Hebrews is "the doctrine of baptisms" (plural), yet in the Christian world very little is known about baptism. What is known is filtered through a Greek mind-set and ignorance of the Hebrew practice of the "mikveh" from which "baptism" is loosely translated. 

John the Baptist was not a Baptist, nor was his name John—his name was Yochanan ben Zechariah, the son of an Aaronic priest. He did not invent some "new thing", but was performing that of which every Israelite was intimately familiar—yet of which the average Christian is clueless. He was "mikveh-ing" Israelites in the Jordan River when he first met the promised Messiah, Yahshua. Every Israelite understood what Yochanan was doing in the Jordan, but the religious leaders could not understand why he was performing the Mikveh outside of their authorized religious system.

Join Michael Rood on the banks of the beautiful Jordan River near his home in Israel as he opens the believer's eyes to the depths of "The Mikveh - the Doctrine of Baptisms". Once this foundation of the faith is understood, we may then move on to maturity.

3 Episode - 1.5 hour - DVD Video Series