Recurring Love Gift Option - TEACHING & GIFT

Recurring Love Gift Option - TEACHING & GIFT

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There is an end-time plan advancing right now, but the players may not be who you think they are. Is the media diverting our attention while a more important threat is looming?

Turkey and The Armageddon with Middle East expert and political analyst Avi Lipkin provides important geo-political history and biblical context that most of us in the West are missing — especially when it comes to the fate of Israel!

Citing current events, world history, and common sense, Avi Lipkin provides a no-holds-barred view on a taboo subject that you definitely won’t hear on censored media!


With a love gift donation of $100 or more, we’ll send you Turkey and The Armageddon plus a 50" x 60" custom-designed blanket exclusive to A Rood Awakening International, featuring the Hebrew word shalom in different languages from around the world.

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