May 2022 Love Gift SPECIAL OFFER: "The Babylonian Mindset"

May 2022 Love Gift SPECIAL OFFER: "The Babylonian Mindset"

$300.00 USD

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In the Book of The Revelation, we are warned against being lukewarm, but it’s not for lack of being hot or cold — it’s a warning against being mixed. 

Using the example of the Babylonian captivity, Bill Cloud poses an important question: Will we go along with the rest of the group, or will we trust in YeHoVaH like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego did, even when faced with a fiery furnace? 

The Babylonian Mindset is a sobering, poignant challenge for our times. Do we have what it takes to stand firm, or are we mixing our priorities in the little things that will lead to disaster in the end?


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  • The Babylonian Mindset exclusive teaching with Bill Cloud
  • Hebrew aleph-bet coffee mug with pronunciations
  • Olive wood candleholders from Israel etched with Shabbat Shalom in Hebrew
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