Mirage In Midian with Michael Rood and Joel Richardson

Mirage In Midian with Michael Rood and Joel Richardson

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In this compelling, 5-part series, Michael Rood and Joel Richardson explore new evidence that reinforces the true location of Mt. Sinai.

Fresh off an expedition to further explore the site of the real Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia, Joel Richardson brings with him fascinating, never-before-seen photographs. In this series, he explains how these photos provide strong evidence of things such as the pillars that form a “no trespassing” boundary around Mt. Sinai and the altar of Moses at the foot of the mountain.

Whether you’ve been studying the history of Mt.Sinai for years or you’re looking for truth for the first time, this teaching provides new insights. Packed full of details that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Mirage in Midian is a teaching you’ll return to many times over.


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