September 2022 Love Gift SPECIAL OFFER: "Understanding Israel"

September 2022 Love Gift SPECIAL OFFER: "Understanding Israel"

$300.00 USD

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Israel has a complicated history. Wars, political tensions, and moving borders have created animosity among neighbors who once were friends. 

Israeli resident and tour operator Aaron Lipkin gives us a local’s perspective on Israel’s history and how current events are shaping its future. You’ll gain a greater understanding of why Israel’s political climate is so complicated and what is happening behind the scenes that is causing it. 

Understanding Israel examines what can be done about the situation and, more importantly, how YeHoVaH’s plan will restore relationships to bring all people under his reign in the Promised Land.


With a love gift donation of $300 or more, you'll receive:

  • Understanding Israel exclusive teaching with Aaron Lipkin
  • Ram's horn shofar just in time for the Fall Feasts!
  • Custom wall hanging in the shape of the word “chai” meaning “life” in Hebrew

NOTE: The ram's horn shofars are authentic animal horns and are therefore unique in shape and color. Your horn may not look like the one pictured here.

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    This Love Gift is available through September 30, 2022
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