Behind The Scenes with Michael Rood

Behind The Scenes with Michael Rood

$28.95 USD


Several years ago, Luke and Kayte Abaffy interviewed Michael Rood for their groundbreaking documentary, The Way, a story of countless believers around the world who have traded Easter ham for Passover lamb and Sunday church for Saturday Sabbath. 

Behind The Scenes with Michael Rood presents, for the first time, the raw footage of that interview — a special, two-episode series that gives you a real-life glimpse of the man behind the ministry!  

You’ll hear Michael talk about his re-bound (and re-bound again) favorite Bible, why he chose ministry full-time, and witness off-screen conversations that reveal the “real Michael” only the Rood Crew gets to see. 

If you appreciate Michael Rood’s amazing teachings, you’ll love this candid and endearing series!