Charting The End with Michael Rood - VOLUME 1

Charting The End with Michael Rood - VOLUME 1

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The Book of The Revelation has been a target of conjecture and commentary for centuries — because no one seems to understand it. But is it as complicated as we are making it out to be? Are we looking at it through the long lens?

Michael Rood, who considers The Book of the Revelation the simplest book in the Bible, shares his perspective on how to decipher John’s vision with the Torah in mind, which foretold the entirety of Yeshua’s life, death, and second coming in stunning detail.

Charting The End is visual explanation of the end of days — with a guide who knows the Christianity you came from and, more importantly, can lead you through the maze of assumptions to the simple truth of “the fifth Gospel.”

PLEASE NOTE: Michael Rood recorded this teaching in 2020.


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