Famous Last Words (2021)

Famous Last Words (2021)

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Last words are not always famous... unless you’re a prophet of the Almighty. Moses, King David, Solomon, and Peter each had “famous last words” of wisdom that are as relevant today as when they were written — but are we listening?

The last words of King David warned that his enemies would be trouble to those left behind after he was gone. The last words of Peter warned of false prophets who would take advantage of the ignorance of others. The last words of Solomon challenged us to consider the true meaning of life: to fear YeHoVaH and keep his commandments. And the last words of Moses laid out the importance of guarding the Shabbat, the Feasts of the LORD, and the words of “The Prophet” who would come after him… the One we must hear and obey.

In this 4-disc Blue-ray/DVD series Michael Rood focuses on the last words of the most influential prophets of the Bible — final addresses of extreme importance that we are to guard in our hearts as directives in our mission for the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Please continue to pray for Michael’s healing progress.