Hanukkah 2018: Return to Mount Sinai

By A Rood Awakening! International


Forbidden and forgotten, the real Mt. Sinai sits silently in the Saudi desert — but the door to discovery is re-opening!

Hanukkah: Return To Mt. Sinai takes you back to the mountain to reaffirm one of the greatest discoveries in modern history, along with vivid, new evidence the world has never seen!

Join Michael Rood and Sinai pioneers Jim and Penny Caldwell, plus exciting, new, eye-witness evidence from national security analyst Ryan Mauro, and Andrew Jones!

Watch all 5 teachings from Hanukkah 2018 in this exciting teaching series that establishes, once and for all, that Midian was the Israelites’s home for 40 years and is the true location of Mt. Sinai!

PLUS – A bonus interview featuring Michael Rood and “Patterns of Evidence” filmmaker Tim Mahoney about his new movie, “The Moses Controversy”.saints.


  • BONUS with Michael Rood and Tim Mahoney
  • Andrew Jones
  • Ryan Mauro (Part 1)
  • Jim and Penny Caldwell
  • Ryan Mauro (Part 2)
  • Panel Discussion with Guests and Michael Rood1 BONUS TEACHING

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