July 2020 Love Gift Collection: "The Samaritans"

July 2020 Love Gift Collection: "The Samaritans"

$100.00 USD

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The Samaritans of Yeshua’s time were despised by their neighbors. But why? Who were they?

Michael Rood presents “The Samaritans” — the little-known background story of a Gentile people whose lifestyle serves as a warning for the Christian world today!


With a love gift donation of $100 or more, we’ll send you The Samaritans plus an insulated Shabbat picnic bag, bearing the Hebrew name of YeHoVaH.

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CLICK HERE to give $300 or more to receive everything above plus a dazzling set of silver-plated bookends, featuring a depiction of ancient Jerusalem.

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This Love Gift is available through June 30, 2020 or while supplies last. Limited quantities available.