Jumping Through Flaming Hoops

By A Rood Awakening! International



King Solomon declared, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to search it out” (Proverbs 25:2). Finding the treasure of biblical truth often requires jumping through hoops… but some hoops are more dangerous than others.

In Jumping Through Flaming Hoops, Nehemia Gordon and Michael Rood share the emerging end-time truths now being revealed to those who are willing to diligently chase after the concealed matters of God — and the deception that awaits those who leap without looking.

From the Jerusalem Council in the book of Acts, to the scrolls of Auschwitz unearthed after the Holocaust, Jumping Through Flaming Hoops reveals the plan of God through the ages and the exciting, final pieces now being assembled in a puzzle that will guide us to the end of the age.

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