June 2024 Love Gift SPECIAL OFFER: "Did Moses Have Horns?"

June 2024 Love Gift SPECIAL OFFER: "Did Moses Have Horns?"

$300.00 USD


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Renaissance artwork depicts Moses having horns on his head — and the idea came from the Bible… or at least that’s what early translators wrote in the Bible.

Obviously, this was a misinterpretation that was never questioned, and that’s the point. In this thought-provoking teaching, Matthew Vander Els explains the Almighty’s desire to dialogue with us and for us to dialogue with each other to work out our doctrinal differences.

"Did Moses Have Horns” is a refreshing reminder that becoming mature in the faith means more than studying and voicing our opinion, instead being “quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.” (James 1:19)


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  • Did Moses Have Horns? exclusive teaching with Matthew Vander Els
  • Metallic wind spinner custom printed with a verse from Isaiah 40
  • Solid wood breadboard and wine box set etched with Hebrew blessings

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