Mount Sinai In Arabia - Joel Richardson

By A Rood Awakening! International


Internationally recognized teacher and New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson travels to Saudi Arabia to investigate the site and regional developments that put the mountain range of Jebel al-Lawz (The Mountain of Almonds) at the center of the plans to build a futuristic "city-state" called Neom, 33 times larger than New York City.

Ever since the 1980s when biblical explorer Ron Wyatt identified this range to be the site of the real Mount Sinai, the world has watched with fascination. Now, with this city now in the planning stages, the world will soon have unprecedented access to one of the greatest archaeological sites in history.

In this 9-session class, Joel Richardson carefully explores the most up to date scholarship and explains the abundance fo historical, biblical, tradition, geographical, and archaeological reasons that support the view that Jebel al-Lawz in Saudi Arabia is the true Mount Sinai.