Name of God Smoothie Tumbler

Name of God Smoothie Tumbler

$14.95 USD


Proclaim HIS name as you look after your health! Mix it up with this double-wall Tritan tumbler designed specifically for taking smoothies and shakes on the go. Double-wall insulation keeps drinks colder longer. Straw affixed agitator helps prevent settling. Smoothie sized straw for thicker drinks. BPA free. 20oz.

This is an EXCLUSIVE ITEM you won't find anywhere else, featuring the Name of YeHoVaH, scanned directly from an ancient manuscript called the Aleppo Codex.


The dots and markings above and below the letters are called "vowel points" (or "nikkud" in Hebrew). Since all Hebrew letters are consonants, these vowel points help the reader pronounce the word. 
Most ancient Hebrew writings do NOT include these vowel points, so the pronunciation of the name of the Almighty was a mystery (and banned in Judaism) for centuries. But recently, an exponentially increasing number of manuscripts with vowel points are being discovered, revealing the TRUE pronunciation of the name above all names.