The Open Door Series

The Open Door Series

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The Open Door Series by Keith Johnson and Nehemia Gordon is arguably the best and most powerful teaching series on the HOLY NAME of the Creator of the universe: Our Heavenly Father, YeHoVaH.

The Open Door series, says Nehemia Gordon, is "the best 18 hours of teaching I have ever participated in!"

This series was recorded at three conferences throughout 2011, the first of which was held in Dallas over Shavuot. These teachings were unscripted and things happened that no one expected, even the participants.

Watch as Heaven gets involved and things unfold before your very eyes! Even the participants say they wouldn't have believed it themselves if they hadn't been there — but now it's captured on video for the whole world to see.

  • Part 1: Discovering Common Ground - Keith Johnson
  • Part 2: The Hebrew Gospel of Matthew - Nehemia Gordon
  • Part 3: The Name of God - Nehemia Gordon
  • Part 4: The Name of God in Action - Keith Johnson
  • Part 5: Opening the Door - Nehemia Gordon
  • Part 6: Inviting the Name In - Keith Johnson
  • Part 7: Keep Reading - Keith Johnson
  • Part 8: To Hell and Back - Nehemia Gordon
  • Part 9: Minding My Own Business - Nehemia Gordon
  • Part 10: When the Going Gets Tough - Keith Johnson
  • Part 11: The Tower that Still Stands - Nehemia Gordon
  • Part 12: Yeshua Proclaims His Father's Name - Keith Johnson
  • Part 13: Information Unleashed - Nehemia Gordon
  • Part 14: Dedication Uncovered - Keith Johnson
  • Part 15: Taking Back the Truth - Nehemia Gordon
  • Part 16: Decision Time - Keith Johnson