Passover 2018: Priests and Kings (multi-disc set)

Passover 2018: Priests and Kings (multi-disc set)

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Learn the amazing connection between the Messiah’s crucifixion, Solomon’s Temple, and the Ark of the Covenant! What was happening in the hidden ark chamber below the crucifixion site as the Passover lamb was slain? What prophecies were fulfilled in that moment that very few people realize?

In Passover: Priests and Kings, you’ll discover how Passover was the restoration of the broken blood covenant, plus learn what lies ahead from some of the most well-known teachers of the end times!

This multi-disc set includes:

  • Passover: Priests and Kings seder narrative with Michael Rood
  • Shabbat Night Live: Passover Edition with Michael Rood from a scale replica of Solomon's Temple
  • Prophecy teaching sessions featuring:
    • Perry Stone
    • Bill Cloud
    • Joel Richardson
    • Chris Knight
  • BONUS sessions featuring:
    • Matthew Hall
    • Scott Laird, ND