Recurring $300 Love Gift Option

Recurring $300 Love Gift Option

$300.00 USD

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In a riveting challenge for our moment in history, Michael Rood welcomes Bill Cloud to deliver a provocative question: “What is your focus?”

Despite challenges all around, if we want to see something restored, we have a responsibility to turn back to YeHoVaH. What is destined to crumble will crumble. What is worthy to remain will remain. The question is, “Which one will you focus on?”


With a love gift donation of $300 or more, we’ll send you:

  • Focus exclusive teaching by Bill Cloud
  • 4-foot “showers of blessing” umbrella inscribed with Acts 14:17 featuring the Hebrew name of YeHoVaH
  • beautiful 12-inch menorah with a modern, brushed aluminum finish

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