Saudi Sinai with Ryan Mauro

By A Rood Awakening! International



For 40 years, the Israelites wandered the ancient land of Midian, now modern-day Saudi Arabia. For thousands of years afterward, the Almighty has preserved every detail of their sojourn by the hand of Israel’s enemies.

Today, these archaeological treasures are fenced off and guarded by the Saudi government — could the future of Mount Sinai be more spectacular than anyone ever anticipated? 

Michael Rood welcomes national security analyst and counter-terrorism expert Ryan Mauro to explain the Saudi Arabian government’s plans for the future of the land immortalized in the Biblical account of the Exodus. 

This teaching series will enable you to read between the lines of Middle Eastern news stories about a supercity called Neom that may soon engulf the very mountain where the Almighty shouted down his commandments. You will see how the Almighty is using this phenomenon to reveal his Truth to the whole world through the most unlikely of servants.

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