September 2023 Love Gift SPECIAL OFFER: "Right On Time From Israel"

September 2023 Love Gift SPECIAL OFFER: "Right On Time From Israel"

$300.00 USD

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No one seems to know how YeHoVaH’s time clock works — even in the Promised Land! While the gentile world remains oblivious and Rabbinical Judaism insists on doing things their own way, one daring duo decided to do it right. 

Keith Johnson and Dr. Nehemia Gordon crisscross the Land of Israel to bring you an adventure that will inspire you to treasure the Fall Feasts of the LORD like never before! 

From Yom Teruah shofar trading with the IDF to a stirring account of the miracles in the Yom Kippur War, Right On Time From Israel will give you a new appreciation for YeHoVaH’s calendar!


With a love gift donation of $300 or more, you'll receive:

  • Right On Time From Israel exclusive teaching with Keith Johnson and Dr. Nehemia Gordon
  • Laser-cut wooden art piece featuring the Second Temple
  • Authentic natural curve ram's horn shofar with display stand

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        This Love Gift is available through September 30, 2023
         or while supplies last. Limited quantities available.