The Revelation Scroll (12" x 47.25")

By Michael Rood


The Revelation Scroll explains the entire Book of the Revelation at a glance!

Michael Rood considers the Book of the Revelation the simplest book in the Bible — and now you can make sense of it as Michael does!
Originally requested as a birthday gift for his wife, Michael spent months perfecting this amazing scroll that presents the Book of Revelation in an easy-to-understand, linear timeline.
The Revelation Scroll helps you to decipher the sequence of end-time events properly and accurately, featuring:
  • The order and timing of prophetic fulfillment
  • Chronology for each end-time period
  • Easy-to-follow graphics
  • Helpful sidebar explanations of cryptic passages


Also available in:
- 6-foot vinyl
- 8-foot vinyl
- 12-foot vinyl