Revelation Revealed Bundle

Revelation Revealed Bundle

$102.95 USD

To understand the sign of the “end of the age”, one must understand the most mysterious book in the Bible.


Both terrifying and glorious, The Revelation — the fifth Gospel — sets the stage for the Messiah’s return foretold in the prophetic shadow pictures embedded in the Feasts of the LORD.


In the “Revelation Revealed” bundle of teaching materials, Michael Rood uses the Feasts of the LORD to help you solve the greatest prophetic riddle of all time: the Book of Revelation! 


You’ll have a solid understanding of the order in which things must happen and how it all comes together!


  • The Mystery of Iniquity (book) and Zechariah’s Thermonuclear War (DVD) – reg. $25
  • Chronology and the Revelation (2 DVDs) – reg. $35
  • Newton’s Last Dilemma (4 DVDs) – reg. $45
  • When the Brimstone Hits The Fan (DVD) – reg. $25


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