When the Brimstone Hits the Fan

When the Brimstone Hits the Fan

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Each year we rehearse Yom Teruah (the Day of Trumpets) to remind us of the day that the trumpets blew and the Torah was shouted down from Mount Sinai by the Almighty. We also look back and remember the Great Sign in the heavens that occurred on Yom Teruah that announced the upcoming birth of the Messiah in 3 B.C.E.  Every year we recognize that Yom Teruah is a Kadosh Mikra – a detailed shadow picture of good things to come.

The intermediate fulfillment of Yom Teruah will usher in a time of wars and terrorism, Torah-lessness and betrayal, violence, plagues, famine and death. It will initiate the separation of wheat from the chaff, false shepherd from the sheep, true servants from the posers who hate and betray others unto death. Yom Teruah prepares us for the Confirmation of the Covenant that begins the last of Daniel’s seventy shevuim and sets the stage for the Later Rain outpouring on Hoshanna Rabbah.  But along with the good, we will witness the most difficult time that the earth has ever seen.  We will need both the divine empowerment to do great exploits – and the encouraging instructions.

This video presentation: When the Brimstone Hits the Fan – a few last minute instructions was recorded at Yom Teruah in Detroit Michigan where Michael Rood gave his last address to the frying pan before returning to Israel.  This is not a political prognostication, but more instructively, an iteration of how to survive the trials to come and remain faithful to the end – regardless of how and when it comes for each of us.  Listen carefully and bury these instructions deep in your heart – you are going to need them.

1 Episode - 1.5 Hour - DVD Video