February 2024 Love Gift Collection: "Israel From The Inside"

February 2024 Love Gift Collection: "Israel From The Inside"

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The same threat that Israel faces is coming soon to America. In a hard-hitting message that got him banned from Christian television, Avi Lipkin delivers the truth about what’s going on.

From war with increasing numbers of its neighbors, to civil war brewing inside its own borders, Israel is also facing new threats of terror tunnels under Jewish towns, and political backstabbing inside the Knesset.  

With an ironic message of hope in the hellfire, Avi Lipkin shares why he believes Messiah will soon appear and will be recognized by both Jews and Christians thanks to the threat of a common enemy.


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  • Blue and gold mezuzah featuring an image of the menorah
  • Complete Torah scroll in Hebrew in a cylindrical leather-like case

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