Growing Concern: What We Reap When We Sow GMOs (Book)

Growing Concern: What We Reap When We Sow GMOs (Book)

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What we sow… we will reap.

Everything we do to our food on a macroscopic level — such as “creating” plants that have no place in the ecosystem — will boomerang right back to us on a microscopic level, creating environments in the ecosystem of our own bodies that lead to the same weakness, disease, and destruction that we inflict upon the food we eat.

We need to stop and look at the big picture to understand what GMOs are, what they are not, questioning whether they are worth the risk, realizing the crucial role we play, and taking steps to reverse the potentially devastating trend of our own decisions before it’s too late.

In Growing Concern, Scott Laird will equip and empower you with the information you need to truly take charge of your own health and to lead your family on a journey of wellness few will ever experience.

“The one who sows injustice will reap disaster...”
- Proverbs 22:8

Paperback, 70 pages