May 2021 Love Gift Collection: "Twisting The Word"

May 2021 Love Gift Collection: "Twisting The Word"

$100.00 USD

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Scholars have uncovered more than 5,000 handwritten Greek manuscripts of the New Testament… and not one of them is the same. How did the Bible change so much and who did it? 

This month’s Love Gift teaching —“Twisting The Word” with biblical linguist Miles Jones — exposes the politics, power, and compromise that have twisted the Word of the Almighty over the centuries.


With a love gift donation of $100 or more, we’ll send you Twisting The Word plus an ancient replica oil lamp featuring the Lion of Judah artwork, plus burning oil, and wicks.

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CLICK HERE to give $300 or more to receive Twisting The Word, the ancient replica oil lamp, and this beautiful set of salt and pepper shakers, made in Israel. Exquisitely crafted in the shape of pomegranates, these unique conversation pieces are made of copper and come with a silver-plated tray.

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This Love Gift is available through May 31, 2021 or while supplies last. Limited quantities available.