Passover: The Road To Emmaus Revisited (7-disc set)

Passover: The Road To Emmaus Revisited (7-disc set)

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After the crucifixion, even after the resurrection… there is much more to the story! Experience Passover: The Road to Emmaus Revisited — the mesmerizing, soul-stirring event of a lifetime!

Your spirit will be moved to its very foundation as Michael Rood narrates every gripping detail of the Messiah’s passion, from the trial, to the crucifixion, to the resurrection and beyond. Plus, you’ll learn from experts on creation, biblical linguistics, thyroid health, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

This multi-disc set includes:

  • Passover: The Road To Emmaus Revisited seder narrative with Michael Rood
  • Dismantling Evolution with Dr. Kent Hovind
  • Biblical Linguistics with Dr. Miles Jones
  • Hormone Health with Drs. Mike and Jenny Wilkins
  • Growing Concern: GMOs with Scott Laird, ND


  • The Escape From Egypt narrative with Michael Rood
  • Shabbat Night Live: Passover Edition with Michael Rood