The Chronological Gospels Educator's Edition

The Chronological Gospels Educator's Edition

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The Chronological Gospels Educator’s Edition is the Bible teacher’s best friend!

Includes everything in the SECOND EDITION print version of The Chronological Gospels on full-size 8.5x11 paper, plus convenient section tabs, all in a handsome, three-ring binder. 

The Chronological Gospels reorganizes the events in Messiah’s ministry recorded Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts into chronological order, and also includes the book of Revelation accompanied by fascinating and informative commentary.

After forty years of labor, including three decades of restoring the Ancient Biblical Hebrew Calendar, together with the experiences that accompany years of living in Jerusalem and the Galilee, Michael Rood presents the inspired Gospel records in chronological order to advance you in your lifetime quest for truth.

This Bible pieces together the life and ministry of the Messiah in a way no one has ever seen before. It reveals depth, beauty and truth in the Word that could never be understood until it was put together to tell the story as it happened – complete and chronological.