The Chronological Gospels - Season One (Audio-only USB)

The Chronological Gospels - Season One (Audio-only USB)

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NOW AVAILABLE on audio-only USB Drive!

Now you can listen to the audio files The Chronological Gospels Show with Michael Rood wherever you go!

Get the personal USB drive to listen to the greatest story NEVER told — 70 weeks from the day the Messiah was baptized to the day he baptized the disciples with tongues of fire — moment by moment, from the perspective of each Gospel author:

  • Episode 1: The Journey Begins
  • Episode 2: A Light To The Gentiles — Through A Jewish Window
  • Episode 3: No One Called Him Jesus Christ
  • Episode 4: No One Called Him A Nazarene
  • Episode 5: A Prophet In The Spirit and Power Of Elijah
  • Episode 6: The Journey Of Confirmation
  • Episode 7: The Word Was Made Flesh and Tabernacled Among Us
  • Episode 8: They Saw His Star In The East — So They Headed West
  • Episode 9: From A To Z, From Abel To Zecharyah
  • Episode 10: By The Light Of The Ecliptic Moon
  • Episode 11: The Fire Breathing Prophet
  • Episode 12: The Messiah Code
  • Episode 13: Defiling The Stone Waterpots

Through easy-to-follow historical references, you’ll learn the behind-the-scenes truth of WHAT the Messiah did, WHEN he did it, WHY the timing of what he did means everything… and HOW knowing the difference can change your life!