The Chronological Gospels - Second Edition (Digital Book)

The Chronological Gospels - Second Edition (Digital Book)

$45.95 USD

The Chronological Gospels E-book Bible is now better than ever! 

This second edition includes a long list of valuable extras and updates:

  • NEW easier-to-navigate event index
  • NEW scripture index
  • NEW appendix of Hebrew names, words, and definitions
  • Commentary updates, clarification, and additions
  • Timing updates in the Book of the Revelation
  • Refinements to Hebrew word definitions

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Michael Rood has pieced together the life and ministry of the Messiah in a way no one has ever seen before! The Chronological Gospels Bible reveals depth, beauty, and truth in the Word that could never be understood until it was put together to tell the story as it happened – complete and truly chronological.

In addition to a comprehensive introduction that explains, with remarkable accuracy, how the Messiah's ministry was truly 70 weeks, The Chronological Gospels also includes fascinating facts and contextual information from extra-biblical sources including ancient Hebrew historical records, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the Israeli New Moon Society.