The Health Awakening Show - SEASON THREE

The Health Awakening Show - SEASON THREE

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SEASON THREE - NEW guests, NEW info!

The Health Awakening with Scott Laird, ND is all about finding answers for your health — answers you won’t find in mainstream media! 

The world-renowned health professionals we talk to on this show see things from a natural point of view, working with the body in harmony with the way the Almighty intended…. not the way human wisdom would dictate! 

You’ll be amazed at the simple, yet marvelously effective ways you can change your health for life, just by understanding and harnessing the power of your own amazing, self-healing body!


How Chris Beat Cancer
Guest: Chris Wark

The Vegan Starter Kit
Guest: Dr. Neal Barnard

Reversing Heart Disease
Guest: Michael Rood

How to Lose Weight and Heal Your Thyroid
Guest: Dr. Aaron Ernst

Food Company Lies
Guest: Vani Hari, “The Food Babe”

Why You Need Collagen Protein
Guest: Dr. Josh Axe

What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know
Guest: Pharmacist Billy Wease

Can Diabetes Be Reversed?
Guest: Dr. Aaron Ernst

How Not To Diet
Guest: Dr. Michael Greger

The Power of Positivity
Guest: Sebastian Byers

The Power of Enzymes
Guest: Olin Idol, ND

The Gonstead Chiropractic Method
Guest: Dr. Rich Benjamin



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