The Sermon Few Wanted to Hear

The Sermon Few Wanted to Hear

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The sixteenth title in the Hebrew Roots DVD video teaching series from Israel.

A young Rabbi from the Village of Nazareth was drawing crowds of thousands as he taught in the fishing villages along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. His message refreshed the souls of those who had become burdened with the rules and regulations of man-made religion.

In his first recorded attempt at separating “fair weather Jesus people” from those who would follow him in the narrow, difficult paths ahead, Yahshua left the multitudes on the lowlands and started an arduous climb to the top of the mountain. When he was set, only his disciplined followers ascended the mountain, carefully following his challenging footpath.

Yahshua opened his mouth, and the “few that wanted to hear” were given a very hard message about “the Law” (the Torah) and the startling Judgement Day reality awaiting those who spurn its instructions.

Michael Rood takes you to the Golan Heights to give you a historical perspective of this very mountain and a timeless interpretation of Yahshua’s Sermon - which today even more need to hear.

3 Episode - 1.5 Hour - DVD Video Series