'Name of God' Stickers (5"x3")

'Name of God' Stickers (5"x3")

$1.95 USD

During preparation for Hurricane Irma in 2017, several Torah-observant believers inscribed the true name of the Almighty on the plywood that covered their home's windows. They remained in the home during the storm, then emerged to find their home completely unscathed amid a devastated neighborhood.

When we put the name of the Almighty above all — figuratively, literally, or both — He watches our back!

Get these "true name of the Almighty" all-weather stickers for $1.95 each!

Scripted in ebony black on pearl white, put them on the doorposts or the lintels of the doorways in your home, on your car, at work, or anywhere you want to declare your trust in the name of the Almighty! 

We are in the "Passover" of modern times! With chaos surrounding us on all sides, we need to declare our faith in the name of the Almighty just like the Israelites did by putting the lamb's blood on their doorposts! He is our protection! 


The Hebrew lettering on this sticker is the name of the Almighty, scanned directly from an ancient manuscript called the Aleppo Codex. The dots and markings above and below the letters are called "vowel points" (or "nikkud" in Hebrew). Since all Hebrew letters are consonants, these vowel points help the reader pronounce the word.

Most ancient Hebrew writings do NOT include these vowel points, so the pronunciation of the name of the Almighty was a mystery (and banned in Judaism) for centuries. But in the last few months, an exponentially increasing number of manuscripts with vowel points are being discovered, revealing the TRUE pronunciation of the name above all names — the Almighty is revealing his name to the world! Take note and be watchful!