Feasts for Families Series Bundle!

Feasts for Families Series Bundle!

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Now you can get all 4 of Sara Rood-Smith’s best selling books on the biblical Feasts of the LORD — and save 25%! (reg. $80.00)


The Spring Feasts

Explained in straightforward, easy-to-understand articles and punctuated with fun and creative activities and crafts, Passover and Shavuot come to help Messianic and Christian families understand and celebrate the historic and prophetic significance of these feasts.



Yom Teruah & Yom Kippur

Provides families with information on Yom Teruah and Yom Kippur, ideas for celebrating them, and activities for children that will increase their enjoyment and understanding of these special days.



Learn how to build a sukkah, why the Feast of Sukkot is celebrated, and even create fun crafts that you can use to decorate your temporary dwelling during this feast! This book makes celebrating Sukkot fun and exciting for the whole family!



Hanukkah & Purim

Though not biblically commanded feasts, these special events hold prophetic significance for our future in the modern world! Great for families and youth groups and filled with articles, stories, games, crafts, projects, and experiments!