Passover: The Path to Freedom

Passover: The Path to Freedom

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Context is the key to understanding scriptures – not stripping words from their context and constructing judgmental systematic theologies. Michael Rood created Passover: The Path To Freedom to address the true context of the Exodus, to see the whole story in its proper light. He explains his reasoning this way:

“For years, we gathered in my home in Jerusalem to read and study the “Torah portions” that were divided by the Pharisees Rabbis in Babylon long after Rome ejected us from the Land of Israel. Week after week I witnessed believers mincing over the minutiae of the weekly Torah portions – but having no idea of the overall picture presented in the Torah. They were, in effect, studying the lichen on the bark of the trees, but missing the entire forest before them. Their nitpicking proclivities eventually extended into every area of their lives.” 

In this series, Michael leads you on a chronological journey of discovery. This is a truly in-depth study – starting in the times of Noah, Michael lays out the details that led to the unforgettable series of events that occur when Moses is sent to deliver YeHoVaH’s people from Egypt — from Genesis 9 all the way to the Red Sea crossing. 

The journey then continues in the follow-up series, as we learn some hard “Lessons on the Way to Mount Sinai”.

5 hours - 5 DVDs