Fearfully and Wonderfully Made - with Dr. Chuck Thurston

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made - with Dr. Chuck Thurston

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The words in your Bible are far more than they appear.

In fact, there is profound science embedded in the Bible that solves the mysteries of the human body, creation, time, and space. But how does it all come together?

Dr. Chuck Thurston is a medical doctor who began exploring the Bible from a scientific point of view and was amazed at what he found: Precise correlations between the functions of the human body and the tabernacle in the wilderness; the fabric of matter woven into the letters of the Hebrew alphabet; even the tapestry of space and time laid out like a roadmap in the stars. 

In three mind-blowing episodes, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made unravels the eternal mysteries of the universe — with answers that have been hidden in plain sight since Genesis 1:1. 


“All modern science was founded by people who were reading the Bible, in prayer, meditating on it, and taking it seriously.”
- Dr. Chuck Thurston 


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