Passover 2022: Then and Now

Passover 2022: Then and Now

$1,905.00 TWD


Passover is a time of remembering, learning, preparing for the Greater Exodus — the event we’ve been anticipating for thousands of years — and celebrating the power of family!

Passover 2022: Then and Now celebrates YeHoVaH’s original salvation event with 9 amazing sessions that reveal aspects of Passover you’ve never known before, how to prepare an amazing Passover meal, how to live off-grid, how to optimize your health, and much more!

This 9-disc set includes:

  • Passover Recipes: Scott Laird and Chef Rich Hall
  • Shabbat Night Live: Passover Edition
  • Your Life Is In Your Blood: Scott Laird and Dr. Thom Lokensgard
  • Passover Of The Past: Dr. Nehemia and Lynell Gordon
  • Passover and Family: Keith Johnson, Yehudah and Hadass Glick
  • Hebrew Homesteading: Dr. Nehemia Gordon and Nate Petroski
  • Beyond Three Days and Three Nights: Dr. Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson
  • Passover Panel Discussion: Scott Laird, Tedd Clayton, Dr. Nehemia Gordon, and Keith Johnson
  • The Best Passover Seder Ever: Michael Rood