Purim Garden Flag (single)

Purim Garden Flag (single)

$764.00 TWD

This custom-designed, standard-size, weather-resistant garden flag celebrates Purim!

Purim illustrates the perils and provisions of the King’s bride — Esther’s story serves as an analogy of the bride of Messiah living under the death sentence of “Babylon” at the end of the age.

Like the king’s bride, Esther, the bride of Messiah (the true servants and disciples of Yeshua) will realize that they were born “for such a time as this”, the same words spoken over Esther regarding her opportunity as the king’s bride, a position in which she was able to save her people from a secret plan of genocide.


  • 100% polyester weather-resistant fabric
  • Double-sided image, designed to slip onto a garden flag pole 
  • A Rood Awakening! International logo at the bottom
  • Rod pocket measures 2" in width.
  • Size: 18" x 12-1/2".