The Chronological Gospels - Digital Book

The Chronological Gospels - Digital Book

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After forty years of work, including three decades of rediscovering the ancient Hebrew biblical calendar and the experiences of many years spent in Yerushalayim and Galilee, Michael Rood presents the inspired scriptures in chronological order to help you continue your quest for the truth.

This Chronological Gospels Kindle Edition brings together the life and ministry of Messiah in a way you’ve never seen before — the behind-the-scenes truth of Yeshua’s life that could never be understood until it was brought together — complete and chronological.

In addition to a comprehensive introduction that explains, with remarkable precision, that the ministry of the Messiah lasted truly 70 weeks, The Chronological Gospels Kindle Edition also includes links from the table of contents to significant events in Yeshua’s ministry, fascinating facts and background information from extra-biblical sources, Hebrew historical documents, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Israel New Moon Society.


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